• Christ-centered Bible Study
  • Selfless Service 
  • Caring Nurture 
  • Effective Outreach
  • Health Reform 

The union of Christlike work for the body and Christlike work for the soul is the true interpretation of the gospel. Our health ministry is the Entering Wedge to reach the soul.

11/24/20016: We are very excited for the upcoming Gospel summit in Houston, Tx. The focus and the emphasis of the meeting will be on JESUS and His matchless love. Where: World Harvest Outreach 10800 Scott St, Houston, TX 77047; When: February 23-26,2017

08/29/2015: On the left is powerful video of an appeal by Mrs. Sharon Pergerson at Andrews University on Sabbath

08/30/2015: Pilot killed in Battle Creek plane crash, more  
06/1/2015: We thank God and rejoice for a successful gospel summit that just ended on May 30. Great speakers of the gospel presented Christ-centered messages; many needed to have their eyes directed to JESUS, His divine person, His merits, and His changeless love; Jesus was the center of attraction all week long. 
Minnesota Conference Newsletter: This Summit put emphasis on the power of the Gospel as seen in Jesus Christ. read more

Houston Gospel Summit, Watch Live 

Our vision is to present Jesus as the great center of attraction by:

  • Lifting up Jesus through sharing His love in words and deeds
  • Sharing Christ through selfless act of compassion
  • Mingling with people through fellowship, love and support 
  • Educating people on the right principles of healthy living
  • Searching and studying the scriptures in the spirit of humility

Our focus and emphasis is on the Person of Jesus, His character, His holiness, His virtues, and His righteousness.

Jesus Christ is the great center of attraction in our preaching and teachings. 

If you are impressed to enter into the work of the Lord, please unite with us in prayer, active participation and giving.





Inspired life changing sermons by Pastor William Pergerson. He relentlessly brought before the world the uplifted Savior.


To encourage the experiencing and sharing of God's last message to be given to the world, Christ our Righteousness, through evangelism, education, and medical ministry.